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With curation at our core, stories of Beauty is a space for self-rediscovery through beauty and wellness. We’re on a mission to empower those who have previously felt overlooked through stories of self-expression and education. There is no one-style-fits-all, so let’s reclaim beauty by our own standards.

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Self empowered beauty

Stories of self-care

Building on our daily routines is the simplest way to create sustainable self-care habits. From morning skin care routines to relaxing evening rituals, choose the practices and products that suit you.

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Inside out beauty

Stories of self-discovery

True beauty begins from within. Read stories of self-discovery and be inspired by our beauties and their SOS toolkits. From workouts, talks, playlists and podcasts kick start your next chapter.

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Stories of Beauty brands

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The story from within

Stories of Natalie

In 2011, Natalie stepped off the career ladder to start a family. It’s a story every mum knows: baby’s bath before beauty, school runs before self care. By the time she’d reached her early thirties was determined to find her identity and purpose outside of family life but things weren’t that simple. Faced with techniques she’d never heard of and standards designed for a select demographic, she was unable to see herself or her situation reflected anywhere. Natalie made it her personal mission to help others rediscover their identity through self-empowered beauty. Enter: Stories of Beauty.

Stories of Beauty

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